Travel Itineraries

Thanks for stumbling across this section! I am sharing several of my Google doc itineraries from Urban Am"bro"sia travels. Most will include a breakdown of things to do and places to eat. They also frequently have interactive Google Map links, so check them out!



The home of Cuba Libres and classic cars!

This guide and color coded map take you to the best of Havana.


New York City

You can satiate any taste in the city that never sleeps! 

Check out the guide of my favorite NYC spots. I've been fortunate to live & love in the Big Apple. 



Take a look at this guide from your favorite atl-ien. 

Atlanta is a global mecca which seamlessly combines southern comfort, inviting multiculturalism, and "dirty bird" trap culture. 


Chi City

The hub of the Midwest. Great food, beer, and people!

Check out this visualized map of the best activities & spots to hit in the land of the "onion field" (the Native American origin of Chicago).


Check out this google map with some of our favorite spots!

Who has the best donuts? Voodoo or Blue Star?

Hit the Colombia River Gorge or Willamette Valley via bike! All while stopping to enjoy the great food, beer, and people.


New Zealand

Ever want to take a road trip through the land of hobbits, lamb shanks, and kiwis?

Follow this guide from Auckland to Wellington in the North Island, and then from Picton to Queestown via Christchurch.


Paris, Normandy, & the Loire Valley

Like Owen Wilson, spend your Midnight in Paris wandering the streets. Enjoy a Champagne tasting in Reims, run along the Normandy beaches, or cold glass of Vouvray next to a chateau. 

Follow this guide from Paris to the Loire.