Flushing's Rare White Bear - Flushing, NY

Check out this awesome guest write by Paolo de Angelis (my scruffy Italian former roommate & future cardio-thoracic surgeon badass)!

Photo credits to  Leo B.  

Photo credits to Leo B. 

I have never written a blog post, yet I have eaten at some of the best restaurants in NYC. Cocky? Maybe, but true. Though, today, after walking out of White Bear I knew I had to write about it. Tucked into a small cross street in Chinatown, the real Chinatown, this Flushing staple is easy to miss if you don’t pay close attention. The restaurant itself is a hole-in-the-wall-type of establishment, one that makes my college dorm room feel like a Park Ave penthouse. For those of you who don’t know much about dive restaurants, that is usually a good sign. The menu is almost completely in Chinese, but you don’t need to know much, no need to be adventurous and try something else besides #6, Wontons with Hot Sauce (6$), the reason this joint has racked up 700 reviews on Yelp.

Behind the counter, moving frenetically between pots of boiling broth and piles of steaming dumplings, stands the Chinese version of your grandma. Order with her and try to snag one of the only 6 chairs in the place.

The portion is adequate, enough to fill 1 person. The wontons are great, the minced meat is well seasoned, mixed with just the right amount of scallion and very tasty, though it’s the chili oil and the garlic that really elevate the dish to a whole other level. Salty and not too spicy, the oil adds character to the freshly made dumplings; it also leaves room for you to add some extra hot sauce if you’re feeling particularly gutsy. The scallion and garlic are well balanced, the flavor is not too strong, but definitely still there. Nothing feels greasy or heavy.


Photo credits  Deanna C.

Photo credits Deanna C.

Punch line this place is a must for anyone in Flushing. Get one #6, add some hot chili, and then pick up a pork-bun from one of the many vendors on Main St.

P.S I don’t take pictures of my food cause I like to eat it, so I ripped those off from Yelp. Hope I don’t get sued.